Sense of Place, Estefania with Map of Portugal 

pencil, watercolor and thread on paper

Publications - 

Being, Rocks and Water, International Artist Magazine in 2014

Hillary, North Light Books, Strokes of Genius, 2016

Sense of Place, Estefania with Map of Portugal, North Light Books, 2016 Incite 4, Relax, Restore, Renew

Up Close was awarded Honorable Mention by Artist's Magazine, All Media Competition in 2016

Artist Statement 

No matter our position in life, the everyday experience is something we share. This commonality creates a bond, intangible yet unmistakable. It unites us as people in the simplest of ways. Although daily routines carry with them moments of frustration, they also hold special meaning and give us the respite of normalcy when times are hard. My work attempts to carry on the tradition of giving recognition to everyday things in a contemporary way. 

Not unlike the Dutch artists of years ago who depicted objects and people they held dear; as I consider all that is around me, the people, the happenings, objects found and left behind, my desire is little changed.  The process makes me strangely more aware of all that is possible in this life, and some of what can be overlooked as well. It is my hope that viewers of my work may discover some sense of that commonality I find so noteworthy; something, which I believe makes us all more alike than different.

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