Donna Shiver  Artist & Educator

404 483 5429

I do, learn and start again - creating work in charcoal, oil, ink and handmade paper. Each day is practice and action to achieve a particular end; something that balances work reality with possibility. The challenges are endless.

My methods begin with sketches and the use of simple shapes to break down forms in the natural world. When I teach these disciplines, I help students simplify objects and associate what they see with familiar shapes, circle, square, rectangle, triangle. Together we use these to build skill, confidence with ideas from proportion to mark making in order to create more complex forms from nature or the classroom.

I work as part of the education staff at the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, Georgia - teach from my home studio in Woodstock, Georgia or the Marietta Cobb Museum of Art in Marietta, Georgia. My work has been recognized by International Artist Magazine, Artists Magazine and North Light Books. I've had the great pleasure to share ideas as a resident artist alongside students in Cherokee and Cobb County Schools. These opportunities allow me to learn ways to teach and share ideas. I watch, listen offer feedback and learn as we explore composition, line, color, form, shape, value and space. Fun stuff that is ever changing - 

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